Message Board Post of the Week

This week I selected a very long informative post that I found on the Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) Yahoo Message Board. This poster discusses his political perspective and the future of alternative fuels.


by: johnacastro

" Listen people, whether or not Iran seeks peace with the United States, our energy dependence on Arab countries prevents us from taking military action. To counter this, the United States needs to create alternative energy sources. Wind and solar power are of no monetary value; ethanol and hydrogen are.The first objective of US foreign policy is to increase the life of our current oil supply by 55%, which is the product of corn-based ethanol. You see, it takes 1 barrel of oil to create 1.55 barrels of ethanol, which includes transporting it to the gas stations. It's costly to produce ethanol, but nevertheless extends the life of our oil supply significantly while we continue research and development of hydrogen fuel cells. Therefore, ethanol is only a short term extention of the life of our current oil supply....(Rest of the Post)"

What did you think of this blog article?

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